Saturday, March 12, 2005

Taking the plunge, at last

I finally got the courage to create my blog. After lurking for about three months and reading everybody else's blogs, here is a nice way to communicate with family and friends. Beats writing the same letter with the same news over and over again.

After a little struggle, I finally decided on the title for my blog. One contender was "Ana's Rambles" which I disliked for the lack of creativity. I knew I was going to write mainly about my attempts at cooking (I prefer eating to cooking and it shows), the renovation of my little bungalow, my struggles with weight loss, or lack of it, and so the Rambles moniker fit.

The title "Pumpkin Pie" comes from one of the colours I used in the bungalow (Eldorado Tan, Fine Sand, and Pumpkin Pie) from Para Paints Exterior Collection.

Welcome to my world...

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