Friday, March 25, 2005

Reno - the entry hall

Lucky me. As a government employee I have both Godd Friday and Eater Monday off. A four day weekend...yupeeee! and I'm going to spend it working my hands off finishing off the entry hall renovation...or as much of it as I can anyway.

The photo above shows the entry hall the way it looked in 2000 when I bought my little bungalow. It was frightfully small and dark with varnished plywood walls and a doorway into the living room. It had a door in the old days, as I could see by the hinge marks. I planned to take down the varnished plywood, put drywall instead and make an opening on the oposite wall to let in some natural light.

As I dismantled the varnished plywood I discovered siding underneath. It looks like both the entry hall and what is now the TV area were, in the beginning, the front porch. I loved the siding and decided to keep it. I just love it.

The photo above shows the opening into the TV area. My entry hall is dark no more! My son helped me putting up the drywall and mudding and finishing it is my job for this long weekend.

In between mud coats, I use the heat gun to remove what looks like 60 years and as many coats of paint from the front door. Also, as you can see from this picture, the "entry door" into the living room has been opened up. It looks much more spacious and I love the natural light.

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