Friday, March 18, 2005

SHF # 6 - Pudim Flan

Pudim Flan is the Portuguese name for a very popular custard pudding cooked in a pan in which the inside has been covered with caramel.

My mother used to make this recipe, using a tumbler to measure the quantities of eggs, milk and sugar and cooked it in the pressure cooker in an aluminum pan with a lid. I did not have milk so I used 10% cream. The finished product was deliciously rich.

Pudim Flan

1 tumbler-full of eggs (my tumbler used 5 eggs)
1 tumbler-full of milk (I used 10% cream)
1/2 tumbler of sugar
3/4 cup of sugar + 2 tablespoons water for the caramel

Pour the sugar and water in a metal pan and set it on top of the stove element to make the caramel. The sugar will start boiling a little, then dry somewhat before turning into the blond caramel. At this stage it is important that you keep close watch to avoid burning. Mix with a wooden spoon to help the sugar melt.

Once the caramel is ready slowly tilt and roll the pan to cover the sides with caramel. As the caramel cools it will nicely cover the sides of the pan. Set aside.

Mix the eggs, sugar and cream until well blended. Pour into the prepared pan. Cover with its cover. If you do not have a cover for your pan I believe that a lid of anther pan will work, but I never tried.

Put the pan in the pressure cooker which has about 1-inch of water on the bottom. If your pressure cooker has a stand to avoid the pan to touch the bottom, use it. However I do not think it is necessary. Close the pressure cooker, put the pressure regulator and put the pan on the stove on high. Let the pressure build until the pressure regulator starts rocking. Reduce the heat to medium and let cook for 5 minutes. Switch off the heat and let the pressure drop on its own.

Once the pressure is gone open the pressure cooker and take out the pan. To check the pressure touch the pressure regulator lightly. If you hear a hissing sound, there is still pressure; if all you hear is blessed silence, then you can remove the regulator and open the cooker.

Let cool a bit before unmolding the pudding into a deep dish. The caramel in the pan will have melted and it makes quite a bit of sauce. If you find that there is still a layer of caramel stuck to the bottom of the pan, pour 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water, and heat the pan on the stove to dissolve the caramel.

Pudim Flan can also be cooked in the oven. Set the temperature to 350-degrees Fahrenheit, pour about 1-inch of hot water in a roasting pan and set the pan with the pudding mixture in it. Depending on the size of the tumbler you used, cook the pudding between 30 and 45 minutes.

Bom apetite!


chronicler said...

Ana, thanks so much for posting this recipe! It looks devine!. My soon to be son-in-law spent a couple of years in Brazil and loves the food. I will give this a try just for him!

Sarah Seiderman said...

Hey, I think your blog is wonderful. I am printing out some of the Portuguese recipes. I have saudades for all that good stuff. Beijinhos, Sarah and Gucci

McAuliflower said...

This is cool! I have a new pressure cooker and am not really familiar with recipes that use it, I'm definitly interested in trying this out.

Ana said...

chronicler: thanks for stopping by. Let me know how the recipe turns out.

mcauliflower: what I like about it is that the cooking time is sooo reduced. You can whip it up in a very short time, a bonus in today's hectic life. Thanks for your comment.

Nupur said...

Wow, Ana your flan looks divine. I made a very similar custard but yours is so much more gorgeous! Next time I will use more caramel

Nic said...

What a beautiful dessert, Ana. I've never used a pressure cooker before - I had no idea that things would get done so quickly!

Carolyn said...

I never would have thought of a flan with a hole in the middle, but the richness of the caramel would be all the more through the whole of the custard--luscious!

Ana said...

Nupur: thanks for the comment. Yes I do make quite a bit of caramel because the pudding itself is not very sweet.

Nic: this is one of the few desserts for which I use the pressure cooker. It is a godsend when you're in a rush

Carolyn: thanks for stopping by. Loved your comment. You are rignt, not many people use these types of pans for custard pudding but my mom always did, so I do and never thought of asking her why.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at a new generation pressure cooker. A Ottawa company sells them at They are safer, quieter and easier to use than first generation pressure cookers.

Paul said...

I love pudim! Que coisa deliciosa!

Obrigado pelo seu recipe!