Monday, March 21, 2005

Portuguese Fresh Cheese

One of my very favourites, this cheese is manufactured, in Canada, mainly from cow milk. In Portugal it can also can be made from the sheep milk, goat or a mix of both. According to my research, the moistness of this type of cheese is between 70-80% and therefore its period of conservation is limited.

Having gotten that out of the way, let me tell you that, as far as I am concerned, it is the best of the non-aged cheeses (there must be a technical word for that in English but, by the life of me, I cannot remember). The texture of this cheese is pudding-like and you slice it to serve. It is fragile, so you have so be careful or the slice might break before you put it on the toast. You can eat it on its own, over toast and jam, fruit or, as I prefer, over a Ryvita cripbread.

The cheese must be kept refrigerated and is should maintain its freshness for about two weeks.

Here in Ottawa there is no commercial production of Portuguese Fresh Cheese. Some of the ethnic stores get it from Montreal o Toronto. I purchase mine from Europa Food Centre a Portuguese grocery store on Beechwood Ave. You have to order it. Mr. Joaquim Roma, the owner, does not purchase too many because of the tight “best before” date. Usually a fresh batch arrives every Friday.

Europa Food Centre
77 Beechwood Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1M 1L8
tel.: 613-749-9935


Andrea said...

Ana, this cheese looks exactly what we have in Slovakia(made from sheep's milk). The consistency looks the same - a bit jellylike but would break if trying to hold up.
We eat it sprinkled with salt, pepper and paprika spice. I have never tried it over a sweet jam.It does not have a strong flavour at all, so I guess, I should just try it when i go back home.

Ana said...

You are right, fresh cheese is somewhat bland hence eating it with jam. I tried today and was successful at making some. Will post the recipe soon.

portuguesa nova said...

I ate this for the first time the last time I was in Portugal and have been looking everywhere for it ever since. I recently learned it can't be sold in the US because of the pasteurization process or something like that. Another reason to go to Canada! Last time we were in Toronto we must've spent an entire day in little Portugal.

Liz said...

Hello Ana!
Mmmm fresh cheese. I look forward to seeing your recipe, but I may also go on a hunt along International Avenue here in Calgary to see if I can find a place that sells it.