Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter mudding!...

Mud, mud, mud! It seems I'll never stop. It is such a dirty awful work. I have a steady hand and that is why I decided to do the joint compound around the new areas. Because I am not a professional, I take probably twice or three times as long. In the meantime I have to live in the middle of all the dirt, dust and confusion.

Since my little house has about 850 ft², there is not much room to maneuver and I have to go around piled furniture, pay attention to plastic all over, try not to bang the little ladder on something that might break, not to trip on the wires...and sometimes things do not come out as perfect as I envisioned...therefore adding an extra day to the whole process.

Now, please tell me again why did I decide to do this? Sigh! End of rant.

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portuguesa nova said...

Wow. Impressive, and what a great improvement!