Friday, July 29, 2005

Grape vines, cucumbers and tomatoes

Here is a glimpse of my very small vegetable garden. In the photo above you can see one of my grape vines. I've planted two, on opposite sides of the deck and last weekend I spent sometime pinning horizontal wires to the deck side. It seems that the vines prefer to expand horizontally. I had assumed the vines would climb the vertical wood banisters but they were instead moving into the deck itself. Hopefully the horizontal wires will keep them in the right path.

This year I did not have the time to propare the plots as necessary so my vegetable garden, besides herbs has two grape tomato plants and one cucumber. I just had to take a picture at the little tomatoes growing. I expect them to redden soon, as they are not supposed to grow big.
Here is the cucumber plant and the little cucumbers growing. Soon I will be able to make myself a salad with produce from my garden.


Elvira said...

Está encantador, o seu jardim, Ana!

PS: está um pequeno meme à sua espera na minha Tasca.

Randi said...

They look great!! I love pickles.

Ana said...

Elvira: obrigada. Esta foto é de uma semana atrás e ontem colhi o meu primeiro pepino. Vou fazê-lo em salada hoje ou amanhã.

Randi: These pictures are about one and-a-half weeks old. Yesterday I picked my first cucumber, with which I will make a salad either today or tomorrow.

linda said...

I miss being able to grow my own produce.. somehow, appartment dwelling doesn't work to well with that concept. I do have herbs, but I am totally jealous of your tomato plants.

Ana said...

I know what you mean Linda. I've been dreaming of a vegetable garden for a long time. I am so happy watching the veggies grow.

keiko said...

Hi Ana - you must have greenfingers, they look great! (I just started growing herbs, not vegetables...) Have you enjoyed tasting?