Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Taste Canada -The Pre-quel

Right around the corner, here comes the first Taste Canada started about a month ago by Lyn and Jennifer who thought that there was high time to have a Canadian Food Blogging event.

The idea caught the imagination of the rest of us Canadian bloggers. We wrote to other Canadian bloggers we knew, thought of ways of promoting this event and Tara created the beautiful "Canadian Food Blogger" logo you see on the right.

Jennifer graciously asked me to do a pre-quel on the participants by writing a mini-bio or just a description of their blogs and where in Canada they are from. As it is we got some participantes from the US too. Some were easy to do. I'd known the participants and knew their blogs. For others, it was the first time. I have enjoyed doing this as it gave me the opportunity to read blogs I did not know and to get to know the others even better. I hope I did everybody justice.

À la cuisine!
A media designer, entrepreneur, and cooking afficionado from Toronto, both Clement's recipes and photos are of superb quality. I consider Clement's desserts his signature productions. This site is worth a good perusal.

A Day in the Life of a Canadian Girl
From London, Ontario, Jennifer writes about her life, her city, her cooking, and things that make her pay attention.

Always in the Kitchen
Dawna, from Vancouver B.C., says that even when at work, asleep, or stuck in traffic food is always on her mind, and it’s a passion that she loves to share. In 2003 Dawna started a web page, also called Always in the Kitchen. Her blog, started last February, allows her to share her passion for food and recipes on a more frequent basis.élices
What can I say about Martine Gingras that people do not know yet? Martine started her blog in 2001. In it she talks about food, health, gardening and leisure (where you can find everything from interior decoration to carpentry). Her blog is mostly in French, but Martine also communicates with the wider English-speaking blogland via Suburblicious. Take a look. You will enjoy it.

Only recently in the blogscene, Vegcat is a university student in Southern Ontario and is an ethical vegan who, according to her own self description, has the bad habit of killing house plants. In her blog, Vegcat shares her views on life, the treatment of animals, and a recipe or two.

Blog from Our Kitchen
Elizabeth is also an old-hand at blogging, having started her blog in 2003, which is also part of her other website. You have tons of wonderful recipes, sewing and crafts articles, gardening and even a discussion forum. Definitely worth a visit.

Blork Blog
Ed, a.k.a. Blork is in Montreal and like to write about food, Montreal and himself (in his own words). Perusing his blog, I found that Ed was tagged by the 5 book meme, the non-cookbook version. Now, I'm trying without much sucess I might say, to find out the originator of this meme which entered the cooking blogosphere in late May. Hopefully, a new lead!

Edible Tulip
Food writer, food columnist and part-time chef Daphne is also one of the participants in Digital Dish, an anthology of some of the best food blog writing from around the world.

experiment in writing...
Welcome to Lady X a brand-new Canadian food blogger who started with a contribution to Paper Chef. How about that for gutsy? I love her photos too.

Food Ninja
Templar hails us from Winnipeg, Canada. He posts with humour about food and whatever else is on his mind, but mostly about food.

I Like to Cook
Hailing from Calgary, Sara has been blogging about food for quite some time. She writes about life in Calgary, eating out, some know...regular foodie posts. And she is the only other person in blogland, besides me, who did a post on turkey legs...obviously, a woman of good taste.

I like to do stuff....
Christine is in London, Ontario and she likes to cook and bake stuff. Perusing her blog, I found out that she has the ultimate recipe of caramel corn, so if you like caramel corn and do not have a good recipe, take a look at Christine's.

Linda, an aspiring chef, attends Dubrulle Culinary School in Vancouver. In her blog she tells about has days at school and also has some nice pictures about dishes she prepares there.

Kitchen Savvy
Kitchen Savvy is the blog of Dave Katz who enjoys answering questions about the “how” and “why” of cooking. In his blog you will also find a list of recommended cookbooks, articles, and some recipes. A good resource site.

Knife Skills, a chef-in-training
Christine says that her blog documents her career change: from the office to the kitchen. A journalist, she enrolled in the Professional Culinary Diploma Program at Dubrulle Culinary School in Vancouver. I enjoy reading about what she learns, food safety considerations and seeing the pictures of the prepared dishes.

Lex Culinaria
What can I add about Lyn, the other co-creator of this event? A beautifully designed blog, excellent writing, wonderful pictures and the other blogger I know who makes cheese at home. A kindred spirit!

M's Cooking Diary
A resident of Montreal, Mirko works in software sales and so he travels a great deal. In his blog he talks about the foods he cooks at home and the foods he tastes abroad. I enjoyed reading about the "cassava latte" and the Brazilian "farofa".

Mrs. Pink's Blurty Entries
In this beautiful manga-inspired blog Mrs. Pink shares recipes, concerns, and day-to-day thoughts.
Although Toronto freelance writer's site Nancy Fielding is not about food, she graciously decided to participate.

Once Upon a Feast
Ruth, a cooking teacher in Toronto, started her blog just last month and I'm glad she did. She has this recipe for "Bife à Portuguesa" (Steak Portuguese Way) so she has my vote. Go take a look. Now!

Oswego Tea
Michele is the person behind this very beautiful blog. In it she writes about her recipes, food places in Heidelberg, Germany where she lives, and European culinary discoveries. Her photos are beautiful to look at.

Roast Chicken Reasoning
Jennifer Rudder's is a graduate of the Stratford Chefs School in Stratford, Ontario. Although she has chosen a different career path, her love of good food has remained. I like to read the hows and whys of food preparation. In this her professional training shows through.

Pizza Ottawa
Jim and Mike, just around the corner here in my hometown have this blog dedicated to pizza. If we had any doubts that Canadians love pizza, just look at their blog. Also, if you ever come to our neck of the woods, you have this fantastic reference about our best pizza places. Enjoy!

Seven Spoons
Tara, in the Niagara region, left university behind and is now starting to establish the way she cooks, the flavours and the recipes that are becoming her repertoire. In her blog, she shares her recipes and beautiful photos with the rest of us.

Stella Bites
An American that loves Canada, Stella comes up our way fairly often and writes about it in her blog. I specially like her "Potato and green Bean Flip-Flops" recipe and the "healthy snack" post.

Taste Everything Once
Spokane resident Jennifer Olsen is also participating in our Taste Canada event. In her newly redesigned blog she shares her recipes and fabulous pictures that make me crave the foods.
I "met" Tarzile at the Blog Appétit #3, a blog event in France that has a huge following in the francophone blogworld. Her recipes are beautifully illustrated with professional quality photos that leave me hungry all the time. Take a look and you will see what I mean.

The Domestic Goddess
I actually wondered if I should leave Jennifer's blog out, since she is probably the best known of the Canadian bloggers and the organizer of this event to boot. What else could I say that everybody did not already know? Well, Jennifer's blog has a new design and it is gorgeous.

The Kitchen Geek Jim Cowling is a writer, a systems specialist, but mostly a guy who enjoys cooking and, if his recipes are any proof, does it well. Take a look.

Truffle Mutt
Liz, from Calgary, loves the challenge of trying something new and is always on the lookout for new ingredients and intriguing recipes while still loving the old stand-bys.

18THC Cuisine
I am a big fan of Carolyn Smith-Kizer's blog. Always in character, her foods are the foods on Nouvelle France and her cooking methods are pure 18th century. Definitely worth a look.


linda said...

You'll have to add me to the list as well. a late comer, but Jennifer gave me a wee extension as I heard about it last minute ;D

Tarzile said...


Great job! What can I say? You're a gem!


Jennifer said...

Wonderful job, Ana - thanks so much for rounding up all the people who expressed interest in Taste Canada.

Now...I just have to write the round-up of all the amazing Canadian Big job!

Ana said...

Tarzile: Merci beaucoup

Jennifer: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm still updating it with the latecomers.

Dawna said...

Awesome write-up, Ana! Who knew there were so many of us out there? This is a great little directory.

Ruth said...

Wow Ana - excellent job at providing insightful snapshots of all the Taste Canada submitters. I've spent the last 2 hours getting lost in their sites and their Canadian perspectives.

What a great country - this Canada of ours!!!

Thanks too for the kind words about my blog - I'll be sure to add more recipes with one of my other favourite Portuguese ingredient - smoked chorizo sausages (especially paired with shrimp)

ejm said...

Thank you for saying such nice things about my site, Ana!

And well done to you people who organized this event. I'm looking forward to reading all the entries - as soon as we've finished feasting on grilled sardines and then strolling over to the lake to watch fireworks.


Clement said...

Hi Ana, thank you very much for the terrific pre-quel. I never knew there were so many Canadian food bloggers!

FoodNinja said...

I am from Winnipeg Manitoba, Thanks for putting me in!

Ana said...

Thanks to Dawna, Ruth, Elizabeth, and Clement for the kind words. I'm blushinng.

Templar, I'll update your entry and Linda, I haven't forgotten you. I'll add your entry shortly.

Liz said...

Great job Ana. Like a lot of other people I'm suprised (and happy) to see that there are so many Canadian food bloggers out there. Big thanks!