Friday, June 10, 2005

The front garden

I have been working hard preparing my front garden for the sod that will arrive hopefully early Saturday morning.

June has been a very difficult month to work in the garden. The temperatures are unseasonally high and the level of humidity makes it unbearable. What you see in this picture has been the painstaking work of about 3 weeks. I have progressed this far because my neighbour, gentle soul that he is, has been helping me a very great deal. Otherwise I would not be this far ahead.

I have not been sleeping well because of the extreme heat and humidity. I tried to switch on the central air conditioned, only to have it piff out on me.

I left a message with the air conditioned repairman but I am not too hopeful of having him come any time soon. With the heat wave going on, I'm sure that anyone working in temperature control systems has the telephone ringing off the hook.

I have not been cooking either. Fortunately I still have some homemade TV dinners in the fridge and, when I cannot even think about heating anything up, I go back to the old standbys of Portuguese bread and cheese, Portuguese bread and canned sardines, ice-cream and cereal. Not healthy, I know, but I'm too uncomfortable to care.


Oliver said...

Hi Ana,
I think there is little that can beat a well baked loaf of bread and good cheeses; every now and then this is exatcly what I'm craving for. ;) Looks like, your off to a great start with your front garden. I think the energy it takes to maintain one and make it pretty is totally underrated...keep my fingers crossed for cooler days to come.

Ann said...

hi Ana - I think your front yard looks smashing. A lot different from a few weeks ago. How does an AC go piff??

Ana said...

Well , when I started it, the fan made some unusual rattling noises and then went dead.

FoodNinja said...

What a Cute house.. I love ottawa. Despite all the culture and history there one of my fav things to do there is watch the squirrles.. they are so kookie..
OMG I am on your side bar.. Thank you very much :D

chef 'em out said...

Are going to plant veggies in your front garden?

Ana said...

No, I'm planting them in the backyard. The front garden is just for show (flowers)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anna:
Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning your neighbour in your comments about the front yard. Now if the seed that was needed to restart the dead pieces of sod take it should look wonderful!

You're a great neighbour and I really do enjoy helping out when you let me.