Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Squirrels 1, nursery 0

These beautiful tulips came out recently in a corner of my garden. I was confused because I knew for sure that I had not planted tulips in that spot. My neighbour told me that this was the work of squirrels, those pesky little creatures (at least that's what I heard gardeners call them).

Well, it looks like they know a thing or two I did not know. I always planted my bulbs, dutifully, as the nursery said in the little pamphlet accompanying the purchase: "you should plant the bulbs 6-inches apart". And my plantings look like ducks in a row and not very appealing unless you have a garden full of them--an expensive proposition in a one-time shot. So my plantings look like so...

And in this way I found out how am I going to plant my bulbs next. Three or four in each hole. Talking to another friend, an accomplished gardener who apparently has been to Squirrel University too, she mentioned that she always plants her bulbs this way. The plants look s much better in the garden!

I have been working hard designing and preparing my front garden. It is coming up slowly, even with my neighbour helping out, but I believe it will be gorgeous. Suffice to say that all work is being done around those tulips.

Soon, I hope to have more pictures and an update of the work.

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Rachel said...

That is so sweet that the squirrels are helping you with your garden! I had a good laugh.

I must admit, they know what they're doing. I always see tulips lined up, just as you were instructed, but the bunched-up squirrel version looks so pretty.