Sunday, September 25, 2005

23/5 Meme

I was tagged by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen for the 23/5 Meme. The way it works is you go to your 23rd post, find the 5th sentence, and then ponder a little and write about it on your blog.

My 23rd post was the recipe Gnocchi with Red Pepper Sauce, one of my favourites, and the 5th sentence read:

It is an easy recipe to make, very filling and the intense flavour of the red pepper in the sauce is just scrumptious.

I absolutely stand by what I wrote in that post. It is even better if you make the gnocchi from scratch, which I did not do at that time. Actually, I'm getting somewhat lazy when it comes to gnocchi. I can find wonderful fresh gnocchi in a small Italian shop close to where I work and it is very easy for me to just go and buy them instead of going through the trouble of making them.
Maybe one of these days I'll make gnocchi from scratch again.


Kalyn said...

In cooking, I'm a purist about some things (homemade stock for one) and not at all about others. I say if you can find good real Italian Gnocchi to buy and it's convenient to where you live/work, why bother to make it from scratch? Frees up more time to cook other things that you can't find a good pre-made version!

Ruth said...

I'm with you. Not lazy just practical. I wouldn't use some crummy store bought ghocchi or pasta, but if I have access to freshly made delicious options - I'm there.

Thanks for sharing your 23rd/5th meme.

Ana said...

Kalyn and Ruth: I hear you! Sometimes I really would like to come home from work and get energized at the thought of making pasta from scratch. Sadly, it does not happen. Most of my pasta from scratch days happen on the weekend, if I'm not scraping paint out of somewhere or some other renovation thing. Sigh!

Lady Amalthea said...

I think we're all in the same boat. It can just be so much trouble. Especially with pasta, which you have to spend the whole time making, not like stock where you can just leave it to cook for a few hours on the stove and forget about it.