Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rhubarb Cornmeal Cake

I've had this post semi-prepared for such a long while and I think it is about time I finish it and publish it. Yesterday I finally ate the last slice of this cake, which I've kept in the freezer, wrapped individually in parchment paper and then aluminum foil. Still full of flavour and moist like it was when I baked it, maybe by the end of July.

From a recipe by Nigella Lawson in How to be a Domestic Goddess, this wonderful cake was published by Angela, of A Spoonful of Sugar, in her entry of May 1st, 2004. The picture looked so scrumptious and I happen to love just about everything with cornmeal in it so I knew I had to try the cake. I was not disappointed. I warn you that it is very easy to overeat, so be prepared to either share it with friends or freeze it. Fortunately, it freezes very well, as I was able to prove yesterday. The recipe makes a fairly large cake and even if I gave half to a friend, I still managed to freeze seven good-sized portions.

In the picture above I ate it while warm, "a la mode", meaning with vanilla ice-cream. It was good but I actually prefer it on its own.


Joe said...

I've never seen rhubarb used like this - it looks great! Thanks for sharing this . I make a rhubarb pudding cake that is good but doesnt freeze well - I will have to remember this one!

rachel said...

It looks like you used a tube pan instead of the recommended springform, is that right? I would be curious to know, because when i went back to the original recipe it called for a springform and I thought drat now I'll have to get one, but I already have a springform...I love rhubarb!

Jen said...

yummy! I think that the ice cream would be delicious!

Ana said...

Joe: I've made rhubarb cake and even rhubarb muffins but I love the flavour of this cake best.

Rachel: I do not use springform pans often, unless I'm baking something that cannot be inverted to unmold, like a deep dish pie, for instance. As you can see, it baked perfectly in the tube pan and unmolded with no trouble at all.

Jen: If you are going to eat with ice-cream, I would definitely recommend warming the cake in the microwave just a little.

Elvira said...

Muito interessante, este bolo.

Nic said...

This cake looks great, Ana. I love that you made it in a tube pan. I think that I don't use mine enough (after a particularly disasterous carrot cake unmolding) and that it gives a great look.

Dawna said...

Ana, this looks great! I love rhubarb, and really don't have enough uses for it. I, too, have an affinity for cornmeal in dishes, and I've had good luck with Nigella recipes thus far... looks like this is another one for the "must try" pile.

Ruth said...

Now that's what I call a marriage made in heaven. Thanks for sharing

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J said...

hi ana, that mottled pink cake looks utterly scrumptious...i can totally see why you prefer it on its own...

Anonymous said...

You liked it better without the ice cream? Oh, it must be good then. I don't bake with cornmeal too often, but I really should--maybe I'll start with this!


Ana said...

Elvira: obrigada

Nic: for whatever reason, Portuguese are fond of tube pans. I have four. I think that besides having a nice shape, the cakes cook better.

Dawna: you'll love this cake.

Ruth: thanks!

Meena: thanks for the invitatin but unfortunately I am not keen on spicy dishes.

J & Amy: thanks!

Kalyn said...

Hey, I tagged you for a meme a few days back, but you must be busy working on the bungalow.

Clare Eats said...

looks GREAT! Yum :)

lindy said...

I adore both rhubarb and cornmeal. If I can get a hold of some rhubarb, I will try this for sure.

Liz said...

I love rhubarb and until I read your post I hadn't realized that I've gone all summer without it. Woe is me, I am surrounded by rhubarb haters! But freezing is a great idea. Thx.

T said...

Rhubarb is my new favorite. I dont know that Ill be able to find any since the seasons near through, but your cake really does look lovely!

Dagmar said...

I love this cake, I made it twice this summer. It's delicious!

Ana said...

Kalyn: Thanks for the tag. I'm flattered. And I've done the meme.

Clare: Thanks!

Lindy: I'm sure you will love the cake.

Liz: I freeze to avoid eating it all at once.

Tanvi: I tried this cake this year and I will be making it every year from now on, since it freezes so well.

Dagmar: It is indeed delicious.