Monday, April 11, 2005


Almost 10 years ago I found this jewel of a cookbook on a garage sale. It cost me 25 cents. I love old cookbooks. This one "The Art of Coking and Serving", by Sarah Field Splint, Editor Food Department of McCall's Magazine, was printed in 1929.

The book has 549 tested recipes and was published as a vehicle for Crisco shortening. I do not use Crisco but have tried and adopted several reciped using butter instead of Crisco.

It is an excellent reference book. For instance, the recipe for white sauce is displayed in a table showing the ingredients on the vertical side and the quantities for thin, medium, thick, and very thick sauce on the horizontal side. Very useful. The same applies for muffins. The recipes for 8 types of muffins are also displayed on a table. It also has a chapter on large quantity cooking, featuring recipes for 50 servings.

Again, this is a small book, 5 x 7.5 inches, with 252 pages. A beautiful little thing.


Elvira said...

É muito bom ver que existe um blog de culinária portuguesa (e não só) em inglês. Com o meu próprio blog em francês, ja me sinto menos só a divulgar a nossa gastronomia.

Andrea said...

Wow, you've got a bargain. I love the old cookery books' decent design. It's also very fashionable to own one of them too.